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NLP Coach 

 GOAL ATTAINMENT  anxiety  not good enough  HOPE  DEPRESSION  stuck  NLP COACHNG   imposter syndrome  connection  leadership Communication FEAR ICF Coach balance  CAREER   Balance   Mind-Body-Spirit  authentic connection  THERAPY ALTERNATIVE  relationships   CONFIDENCE  weight loss   LOVE   worthless    holistic coaching   FLEXIBILITY   relationships  TRANSITION   self love 

NLP Coach 

What WE Do

Looking For a Coach?

Todays world is filled with busy-ness, uncertainty, change and fear – yet the desire for growth, balance and wholeness has never been stronger around the world.

Too many people get caught up “in the system” of mental health or the stigma of asking for help only to be in the same position months or years later. We desire to assist anyone who genuinely wants to move away from what is holding them back and toward a life worth living. Using the modality of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, our team assists clients to harness the power of their unconscious mind to make lasting changes to their beliefs, emotions, behaviours, habits and thoughts. 

Life Coaching

Are you looking for a Coach to help you to achieve your goals?  Maybe you have health, career or lifestyle goals.  Your coach will ensure you are set up for success by helping you to clear any limits and access the resources you require. 

Psychological Coaching

NLP is very outcome solution based and it is interested in the programs of emotion, behaviour and thought you run in life.  For anything you would see a psychologist, therapist or counsellor for, an NLP Coach can assist you.

Business Coaching

As a business professional, entrepreneur or leader you may desire to get specific coaching around a behaviour, goal or business issue. NLP Coaches will help you to dive deeper and uncover the resources you need to get the job done.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Everything we do is based on our personal unconscious programming. The tools of NLP will assist your coach to identify how the language of your mind has created these programs so you can enhance, alter and change your unconscious programming and live the life you desire.

NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a coaching and therapeutic modality that taps into your unconscious mind to help enhance what you are doing well, change patterns of beliefs, behaviours, habits, and emotions that are not working for you, and create new, beneficial patterns that will support you in your life. Ultimately, NLP is a toolkit that will help you regain control of your mind instead of your mind being in control of you!

Choosing Change: NLP Coaching Made Easy 


Is NLP like traditional coaching or therapy?

Yes and no. NLP is a solution-outcome coaching modality that helps to bridge the gap between traditional Coaching and Therapy. Using a variety of questions and specific tools, your NLP Coach will help you identify what your true desires and intentions are, what may be blocking your pathway, and what resources (confidence, belief, motivation, etc.), you may need. Your coach will then assist you in realigning your unconscious patters to set you up for success. You are in charge of your mind and, therefore, your results.

Traditional Therapy

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Traditional Therapy focuses on the present state of a person, investigating how they got there, talking through solutions and strategies to cope with what is going on. 

Traditional Coaching

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Traditional Coaching has a focus on the desired state, helping to create a clear goal and pathway to its attainment. A traditional coach may help to motivate, encourage, and inspire their client toward their goal. 

NLP Coaching

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An NLP Coach bridges the gap between traditional coaching and therapy. Your NLP Coach will identify resources necessary for you to achieve your goals plus find any interferences or blocks to your success. Using a variety of tools, your NLP coach will work directly with your unconscious mind to enhance what is working for you, assist you to change patterns of emotions, beliefs, and behaviours, and help you to create new beneficial patterns to help you reach your goals. 

Getting Help

What Can NLP Assist With?

A Coach or Therapist who has been trained in the modality of NLP has the ability to assist you in a quick and efficient manner. There is no set formula, strategy, or coaching program you will go through, everything is tailored specifically for you.
Generally, over a course of 6-12 one-on-one sessions (or over a duration of time with a specific goal), your coach will be able to assist you with:

General Life Coaching





Limiting Beliefs

Boost Confidence

Financial Issues

Relationships & Intimacy


Health Issues

Finding Happiness

Imposter Syndrome


Unwanted Habits


Grief & Loss

Career Transition

Weight Loss

Enhancing Motivation


Self Sabotage

Self Love

Parenting Skills

Eating Disorders

Life Transitions

Change Management


Fears & Phobias

Finding Your Purpose

Negaitve Thinking

Critical Self Talk

Globally Based Coaches

We have coaches based throughout the world to assist you. Most offer online services, some include in-person coaching. 

Coaches with Support

All of our coaches have ongoing support with the team at NLP Worldwide supporting them in supporting you.

Free Consultations

You can meet as many coaches as you desire to find the best fit for you. It is important to find a good fit! 

“My coach was amazing! I had only briefly heard of NLP before, and now I would highly recommend working with an NLP coach from NLP Worldwide!” 

Anoton Dennison
Sydney, Australia

“I chose to work with a student coach – wow! She had amazing skills, communicated well, and really helped me overcome my anxiety!”

Jennifer Nelson
Rhode Island, USA

“I’ve worked with therapists, counsellors, psychologists and other coaches. Nothing has come close to what I experienced working with an NLP coach! Highly recommended!”

Kate Alexander
Brisbane, Australia

“I had 6 sessions with my coach and I feel like I have a new outlook on life! Thank you!”

Jackson Bennet
London, United Kingdom

“I was looking for a business coach to help me overcome some of my fears and apprehension about my next career steps. I’m now ready to climb mountains!”

Jeremey Cheng

“I’ve had bouts of depression most of my life, and had been introduced to NLP before, I worked with a student coach because it helped save me money – I think it also help save my life.”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Without a doubt, if you are looking for a coach, find an NLP coach.”

Chris Mayerton
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The support, care, help, and love I felt from my coach was amazing. I will be telling everyone to find an NLP coach from this site from here on!”

Brandi Clemons
Sydney, Australia

“In 6 sessions with my coach I had more breakthroughs, learning and growth than with a therapist in 2 years! I love this modality of coaching.”

Janny Gesup
Denver, Colorado

“At first I wasn’t sure if choosing a student coach was the right thing to do – but wow! It was!! The coach wasn’t ‘brand new’, she was trained in some exceptional skills and helped me greatly! “

Brad Helljum
Sydney, Australia

“The accountability, reflection, reframing, and tools I got from my NLP coach was exceptional! Do yourself a favour and work with an NLP coach!”

James Cutter
Melbourne, Australia

“I loved the timeline work I did with my coach. In just a few sessions I feel like we cleared all of the trauma of my childhood!”

Leslie Armourned
London, United Kingdom

“I didn’t know much about NLP, but heard it was a good coaching modality. It’s a GREAT coaching modality! My fears, self doubt and worry is a thing of the past!”

Rachel Wong

“I chose to work with a coach on my anxiety. Before NLP I was ina constant state of panic, now I can think clearly and be at peace. Thank you.”

Thom Nguyen
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I’ll never work with a ‘traditional’ coach again. My coach was so skilled in listening, helping me to listen to myself and the NLP tools he used were amazing!”

Adam Dryer
Denver, Colorado

“I can’t express my gratitude enough for the changes I’ve made in a short time. I worked with a student coach and had such a great experience!”

Lucy Cartwright
Sydney, Australia


Our NLP Coaches & Therapists

On this page, you will find NLP Coaches and Therapists who have studied with us at the Worldwide Institutes of NLP. We have been training NLP since 1994, and have a Coach Certification training that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Each has their own unique background, experience, and focus; but what is common is their dedication to their own training, skill development, and use of NLP. 

Professional COaches

Coaches and therapists who have completed our NLP Coach Certification, including assessments which have benchmarked them at the highest levels of competency. Many of our coaches are also ICF credentialed, assuring you of their quality and experience.

Student Coaches

Our student coaches are completing their NLP Coach Certification training and have reached a point in their program where they are ready to work with clients. We offer a reduced coaching rate to work with our student coaches and mentor them to ensure you are getting the best out of your coach.


Choosing Change: NLP Coaching Made Easy 


Your Questions Answered

What training do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have trained as NLP Practitioners and have some level of specific coach training. Coaches listed as STUDENT COACHES are still on their journey to being accredited coaches and our PROFESSIONAL coaches have completed the NLP Practitoner, Master Practitioner and Coach Certification training.  They are all skilled to assist clients all are recieving ongoing supervision and mentoring. 

Where are your coaches located?

We have coaches all over the world – Europe, the USA, South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, the UK, and more. Most of our coaches have set up their services to assist people one-on-one online, and some offer in-person services. In our experience, there isn’t much difference in the mode of delivery of your coaching sessions.

Is the coaching in person or online?

This depends on your specific coach. We have coaches located throughout the world and they offer a range of in person and online coaching services. On the Coaches profile you will be able to see how they offer their services. 

How do I choose a coach?

We recomend reading through the profiles of the coaches, visiting their websites and even scheduling a personal intro coaching session with them to make sure there is a match. We ensure that each of our Coaches is trained and has adequate skills before listing them on the website, making sure there is a connection is up to you. 

I'm already seeing a psychologist, can I work with a coach too?

Depending on the purpose of seeing a psychologist most coaches are OK with working with you at the same time. When you meet your coach we encourage you to share this information with your coach so they know more about you.  Sometimes it is useful for your coach to communicate with your psychologist (if you are working on the same issue with both), and a consent to discuss form may be required. 

How much does coaching cost?

Our coaches have their own rates, which you can see on their individual profiles. Each of our coaches do have a discounted rate for individuals who are having current financial issues, so the coaching rates of our coaches range from $50-$350/per one-hour session. 

Do you accept insurance?

No, NLP is not generally covered by private insurance or Medicare. In lieu of this, if required, our coaches do offer a discounted rate for individuals who are having current financial issues and all of our Student Coaches have a modest coaching rate. 

Do you offer discounts for limited income?

Yes, all of our coaches offer a discounted rate for anyone who requires it. This is on an honour system, you can choose the coaching rate within your budget. We want to make sure that NLP Coaching is accessible and available to anyone anywhere who wants it. 

Do I have to purchase a package?

No you do not. While we would recommend purchasing a package of 4 sessions to start, this is completely optional for  you. Our coaches also offer ad-hoc coaching sessions.