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We are Here to Help!

Todays world is filled with busy-ness, uncertainty, change and fear – yet the desire for growth, balance and wholeness has never been stronger around the world.   

Too many people get caught up “in the system” of mental health or stigma of asking for help only to be in the same position months or years later.  We have a desire to assist anyone who genuinely wants to move away from what is holding them back and toward a life worth living. 


“NLP is a dynamic modality and set of tools that work with a persons unconscious patterns – emotions, thoughts and behaviours.  Our aim is to provide NLP Coaching and Therapy services to anyone anywhere who has the desire to let go of what is holding them back to start living the life they have always dreamed of.”

Dr. Heidi Heron  PsyD

MCC, ACA4, NLP Master Trainer
NLP Worldwide Director of Coaching

Life Coaching 

Are you looking for a Coach to help you to achieve your goals?  Maybe you have health, career or lifestyle goals.  Your coach will ensure you are set up for success by helping you to clear any limits and access the resources you require. 


Unlike traditional therapy, NLP is very outcome solution based and it is interested in the programs of emotion, behaviour and thought you run in life.  Anything you would see a psychologist, therapist or counsellor for, an NLP Coach can assist you.

Business Coaching

As a business professional, entrepreneur or leader you may desire to get specific coaching around a behaviour, goal or business issue. NLP Coaches will help you to dive deeper and uncover the resources you need to get the job done.

What is NLP?

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming is a toolkit that will help you to be in control of your mind instead of your mind being in control of you! Everything we do is based on a programming and the tools of NLP will assist your coach to identify how the language of your mind has created these programs so you can enhance, alter and change your unconscious programming and live the life you desire. 

We’d Love to Help

Your Questions Answered…

What training do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have trained as NLP Practitioners and have some level of specific coach training. Coaches listed as STUDENT COACHES are still on their journey to being accredited coaches and our PROFESSIONAL coaches have completed the NLP Practitoner, Master Practitioner and Coach Certification training.  They are all skilled to assist clients all are recieving ongoing supervision and mentoring. 

Is the coaching in person or online?

This depends on your specific coach. We have coaches located throughout the world and they offer a range of in person and online coaching services. On the Coaches profile you will be able to see how they offer their services. 

How do I choose a coach?

We recomend reading through the profiles of the coaches, visiting their websites and even scheduling a personal intro coaching session with them to make sure there is a match. We ensure that each of our Coaches is trained and has adequate skills before listing them on the website, making sure there is a connection is up to you. 

I'm already seeing a psychologist, can I work with a coach too?

Depending on the purpose of seeing a psychologist most coaches are OK with working with you at the same time. When you meet your coach we encourage you to share this information with your coach so they know more about you.  Sometimes it is useful for your coach to communicate with your psychologist (if you are working on the same issue with both), and a consent to discuss form may be required. 

How much does coaching cost?

Our coaches have their own rates, which you can see on their individual profiles. Each of our coaches do have a discounted rate for individuals who are having current financial issues, so the coaching rates of our coaches range from $50-$350/per one-hour session. 

Do you accept insurance?

No, NLP is not covered until private insurance or Medicare. In lieu of this, if required, our coaches do offer a discounted rate for individuals who are having current financial issues and all of our Student Coaches have a modest coaching rate. 

Do you offer discounts for limited income?

Yes, all of our coaches offer a discounted rate for anyone who requires it. This is on an honour system, you can choose the coaching rate within your budget. We want to make sure that NLP Coaching is accessible and available to anyone anywhere who wants it. 

Our Approach & Philosophy

Whilst there have been big steps in making Coaching and Therapy more available to everyone, we feel like there is still quite a bit of work to be done; especially in current times where it seems like the world has been thrown into chaos and more people than ever are feeling lost and uncertain as to how to move forward. We know that our coaches get results and wanted to make their services more accessible for everyone. We have created this space for you to gain access more with more ease and affordability to help you create a happier, healthier life!

All of our Coaches have been trained in NLP and are able to bridge the gap between traditional coaching and therapy. Their therapeutic style of coaching helps you to set goals and clear the hurdles that are getting in your way to create a path to a happier, healthier life – whatever that means to you! Whether you want to get over an ex, work through depression or anxiety, propel yourself forward in your career, become a better parent, move beyond-self sabotage or you are sick of feeling stuck, one of our coaches is here to assist you.

Our Pricing Strategy

Our aim is to be able to help anyone, anywhere get the assistance they need and desire. All of our coaches offer pro-bono coaching hours, a discounted coaching rate and their normal professional rate. Based on an honor system we encourage you to select the rate that is most appropriate to your financial circumstances and requirements. 

Find Your Coach

Our coaches typically work with clients for 6-12 sessions, depending on what you need assistance with.  All of the Coaches listed on this site offer discounted rates and some offer probono sessions to assist you in creating change in your life.   We encourage you to read their profiles and see who you would like to work with and book in for your first session where they will spend the time to understand you – what you want from coaching, the difficulties or obstacles that have been holding you back and create a plan for what you can achieve working together.

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How Can We Assist?

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Choosing Your Coach

We recommend reading through the profile of our coaches, visiting their websites and finding a coach that fits your needs. 

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

Visit our NLP Coach Training website at www.coachtraining.co to find out ho to become a certified coach.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us using the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.