Sietske Nobel

Coach Type: Certified NLP Coach

Coach Overview

“How I went from being stuck, lacking confidence and feeling like a failure to living a fabulous life without limits and running a business I love."

Sietske has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has run successful businesses worldwide. She was born in the Netherlands and moved to Australia in 2009.

She knows the struggles entrepreneurship can bring as she has been there herself. After a big cancer scare she turned her life around, overcame her fears and started running a successful business that allowed her to live the lifestyle of her dreams. She now combines travelling with work.

“I believe that no matter your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and change the world”.

It has always been her passion to empower others to follow their dreams and live life on their own terms.

Combining this passion, her experiences and knowledge with professional coaching qualifications allows her to help female entrepreneurs to navigate their entrepreneurial journey while running a biz they love.
She helps female entrepreneurs overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are stopping them from achieving their goals but also helps build confidence, create a healthy relationship with money so they can start charging what they're worth, be on top of their game, be in control of their own life, feel energised and positive and much more..

“I won’t tell you how to dream, I’ll help you to go there….!”

Education & Training

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

NLP Practitioner Certification

Quantum Leap Coaching Certification

CIVAS Stress Counselling Certification

LAB Profile Practitioner

Professional Memberships

Member NLP Association of Australia

Member Association of NLP (in progress)

International Coaching Federation (in progress)

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