Quentin Goyetche

Position: Professional Coach


I’m Quentin Goyetche (Decamp). I’ve spend the last decade searching, analysing, learning, modelling the most efficient knowledge, tools, techniques and skills around self development, human psychology and communication, key success factors and more recently neurosciences, advanced meditation, personal leadership and spirituality.

I believe that we all are highly talented in something and people have host of gifts that only wait to be revealed. As a NLP Advanced Coach (that regroups mindset, transformational, holistic and life coach) I'm here to help people to remove what is holding them back and thrive in what they want to achieve in their lives.

I coach, mentor and train people in English and in French to help them surpass themselves, overcome their fears, patterns and limiting beliefs so they can express their true potential and reach their most desired goals in a constant evolving world.

I will be honored to work with you. You can contact me by email - quentingoyo@gmail.com - by phone - 0412698950 - and/or DM me on instagram - quentin.g.decamp -


- Certified "Trained to succeed" by David Laroche, 6 months’ intense training, learning and practicing about every self-development topics such as self-esteem, success and well-being, developing your intuition, embracing your vulnerability as a strength, freeing yourself from other people opinions, creating a balanced and purposeful life, igniting the power of gratitude, believing in yourself, reconnecting with your inner child, elevating your ability to be efficient, making better choices, taking the lead of your mental, freeing yourself from family and ancestral traumas, reinforcing the bond of your family …

- Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Certifed Trainer and consultant of Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Certified NLP Advanced Coach and Therapist

Experience & Memberships

Coaching Since 2018