Julie Masko

Position: Student Coach


Clients who work with me get to discover what is really keeping them overweight. My clients realise that they actually did marry the right guy. As they begin to face, and dissolve the parts of themselves that they couldn’t bare, they enjoy a loving blissful marriage. My clients understand that every so called problem in their life , is actually their brain growing and stretching. My clients understand that problems eventually present solutions, without problems, humans become depressed. Not the other way around. Crazy, though I’m right and you know it. I have helped my clients to save their marriage, repair relationships, avoid surgery, buy their dream home and live in peace. I teach my clients how to be in charge of their emotions, not the other way around. My clients are not needy, they are in control.

My knowledge is inner wisdom. You have it, we all have it and this is where your answers can be found. My coaching is leading edge. I believe I’ve always been a step ahead of the pack. I’m a leader and I am a nurturer. I will not let you “stay comfortable” in your pain, I stop my clients from abusing themselves with their own brain.

My sessions are designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Please enjoy a complimentary 30 min session, so that together we can structure the perfect plan specifically for you.


>Certified Remedial Massage Therapist
>Certified Raw Food Chef
>Certified NLP Practitioner

Experience & Memberships

Started Coaching in 2016